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PTA General Meeting

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

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2019-2020 Campbell PTA Board

Congratulations to the newly appointed 2019-2020 Campbell PTA Board Pictured left to right: Secretary – Roxanne Ellis, VP Programs – Liz Bishop, VP Volunteers – Alinee Castrejon, VP Fundraising – Lindsey Fine, Treasurer – Cara Pena, President – Bekah Davaul, VP Membership – Lucy Madero and VP Communications – Lisa Morrow

PTA Nominating Committee Report

Campbell PTA 2019-2020

PTA Nominations are open for the 2019-2020 school year. Feeling passionate about a position for yourself? Know of a friend who you think has awesome qualities for a specific position? Be sure to vote! Nominations end Feb 22nd – gets yours in today! PTA Nomination Form – Online | Download

PTA General Meeting

Happy Holidays From Our Very Merry PTA


10 Reasons Why Yearbooks Are An Awesome Purchase

Unsure of what a Yearbook is, and whether to buy our school’s yearbook this year? Here are 10 simple reasons why you should: A wonderful way of remembering friends and teachers when you were at school. Look back at what you were wearing and what hairstyles were fashionable – and maybe wonder what you were …

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